Do you have unpleasant breath, or tend to spit blood while brushing your teeth?


“Periodontal disease”, as people like to refer to it (the correct name is periodontitis), is in full swing; most Croatian adults have at least some sort of periodontal defect or problem. Unfortunately, due to a scarce awareness of the necessity for timely treatment, tooth extraction due to looseness is a common occurrence.

Periodontitis (periodontal disease) is a chronic inflammation of the periodontal tissue, caused by poor oral hygiene and plaque / tartar buildup, but smoking, stress, inadequate prosthetic replacements, improper teeth position, and genetic predisposition also contribute to a greater or lesser extent. The first signs of periodontitis are bleeding while brushing your teeth and soreness of the gums (gingivitis). If it’s not treated, it will progress along the root, destroying the fiber tissue that binds the tooth to the bone (periodontitis). The tooth will become wobbly and ultimately fall out, leaving the patient suffering from pain and bad breath.


The treatment is extremely simple and convenient, if we begin the therapy at an early stage of the disease (gingivitis). A detailed tooth cleaning and polishing provide great results after only one visit. In addition to instructions on proper oral hygiene, we solve your problems literally overnight. Unfortunately, it is too often that the first signs of the disease are ignored, thus forming the periodontal pockets that require extensive and long-term therapy. A periodontology specialist is an important member of our team, because we try to save each tooth in Škodadent before reaching for the pliers. After the finished therapy we take continuous care maintaining your periodontal health, by ensuring subsequent recalls are charged at a token price.
Assoc. Prof. sc dr Davor Kuiš DMD

Assoc. Prof. sc dr Davor Kuiš DMD

Specialist in Periodontics

Thanks to the courtesy of Assoc. Prof.sci. Davor Kuiš, dr.med.dent. periodontist at ŠkodaDENT


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