Six Month Smiles is the American system of aesthetic orthodontics for adults. The goal of this system is to align the teeth, most often without significant changes in the bite through a reasonable period of 4-9 months, and on average within just 6 months.

There are irregularities in the intermaxillary relationships (incorrect bite) that this type of therapy will not solve. They require long-term complex therapy, and then traditional braces are recommended as a gold standard.

However, 80% of the adult population has irregularities in the position of the front teeth, without any problems in chewing the food, even when the bite is not ideal. This appliance is perfect in these cases because it will solve all the major aesthetic problems in the shortest possible time, in a very discreet way.

It consists of a transparent Six Month Smiles Lucid-Lok ™ lock and wire in the tooth color, so it’s almost invisible. With unique technology and classic orthodontic techniques, the teeth move quickly, safely and gently to the desired position. Given the use of lighter forces in a shorter period of time, the risk of caries, periodontitis, root resorption, and other orthodontic complications is significantly reduced.

So, Six Month Smiles is by no means a substitute for traditional orthodontic therapy. This is an alternative for those who do not want long term therapy but seek a cosmetically focused correction in a shorter time period.

Dr. Maja Antončić Škoda is certified for the use of the Six Month Smiles system. In ŠkodaDENT Rijeka you can arrange a free consultation, and find out what kind of therapy is optimal for you. You can book an appointment at +385 51 263 766 or online by clicking at CONTACT.

See what Mia says about her Six Month Smiles experience.

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