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Computer Guided Flapless Implant Surgery - Rijeka

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are, simply put, titanium “fixtures” that are inserted in the jaw and compensate for the lost dental root. They possess a thread suitable for fitting the attachments for ceramic crowns, bridges, and dentures. These implants are currently the best method to compensate for tooth loss.

Why do I need to replace my lost molars? You cannot see them anyway …

Tooth loss can result in a number of negative impacts on one’s health. Some of them will be noticed immediately, while it takes a longer time for others to show. In addition to impaired aesthetics, the loss of a single tooth disrupts the harmony of the bite, causing shifting or tilting of adjacent teeth towards the empty space in a row. “Antagonist” teeth (those of the opposite jaw) grow out, therefore making the teeth more likely to loosen. These alterations lead to the impaired function of the affected side, making the patient tend to chew their food on the other side. The remaining teeth suffer a greater strain, which often leads to either excessive wear or loss of the supporting bone. This can cause our face to look older, lips thinner and cheeks gaunt. The uneven use of teeth leads to changes in the jaw joints, which can cause pain, clicking, snapping, etc., but these changes can also affect the spinal area.

Dental bridges or implants?

Generally speaking, implants are the best way of compensation for tooth loss, because they do not depend on the adjacent teeth. When an implant is installed, the adjacent teeth do not have to be contoured, and the potential atrophy of the supporting bone, caused by the absence of strain, is prevented. When it comes to making a dental bridge, it is necessary to prepare and contour the adjacent teeth so as to serve as bridge carriers. In certain situations, we tend to prioritize the dental bridge over an implant, especially in cases where periodontal disease is affecting the remaining teeth, because their life span is extended by linking them. A final decision, however, is made on the basis of thorough clinical and X-ray examination, and in accordance with your wishes.


Get rid of your loose dentures!

Even if you are missing all your teeth and wear a complete denture, dental implants can boost your self esteem and completely change your life. Even if you only have two implants, you can secure the existing denture, making them a lot more comfortable to wear and chew. If you choose to get four to six implants, you can replace your dentures with a fixed bridge, feeling the pleasure of a safe bite and the happiness of an unrestrained smile. In Škodadent, we will make sure that our offer is calculated according to your income, making the financial sphere of our work even more available and enjoyable.


I was told that my bones are unsuitable, and that it is impossible for me to get dental implants!

In cases of severe jaw atrophy that occurs when the teeth haven’t been replaced in time, it is necessary to rebuild the bone crest. For this purpose, laboratory bone granules may be used, or the patient’s own bone taken from another area of their jaw, hip bone or the top of the head. The techniques that will be used depend on the situation and the severity of atrophy.

All on 4 and All on 6

Using these revolutionary methods all teeth are compensated for via a fixed immediate dental bridge attached to four or six implants. The procedure takes a few hours and comes at an affordable price. We use a CT scan of the jaw for planning in order to get a more accurate bone analysis. The method is safe within the boundary of it indications.


Does it hurt?

The implants are installed under local anesthetic, and sometimes conscious sedation, so that the patient feels no pain or discomfort during surgery. The postoperative pain is individual and solved by taking analgesics. Swelling surrounding the area of implantation is not rare, and its size depends on the severity of the procedure. This can be alleviated using a cold compress, and it usually goes away in a few days.

Master in Implant Dentistry

Dr. Škoda successfully completed the gIDE Master Clinician Program in Implant Dentistry at Loma Linda University in Los Angeles, California.

Dental implants – price

Dental Implant price variantions

  • The price of the therapy depends primarily on the complexity of the clinical procedure and the type of prosthetic work.
  • The table lists some typical combinations for the idea of the price range, but the possibilities are numerous and for an individual offer a visit with an X-ray analysis is required.
  • More about our prices you can find on the page: PRICE LIST
  • At the stated prices we calculate the discount according to the current promotion.
  • We use only top quality implants with lifetime warranty made of high-quality titanium: Nobel Biocare, Astra Tech, J Dental Care and Dentium.
  • The success rate of all premium implants is above 98%
  • Implant durability is mostly affected by the oral hygiene of the patient, smoking, bone condition, implant position, and prosthetics.
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Computer guided implant surgery – flapless implant surgery

ŠkodaDENT clinic is a pioneer in the application of 3D technology for implant and prosthetic planning and surgery. Today, all of our implants are placed with high precision 3D surgical guides 3D printed in biocompatible material. Planning is done using the CBCT scans and the 3D dental scans. 3D surgical guide can be ready the same day. Our patients enjoy the benefits of this next level service at no extra cost.
This allows:

  • More precise work
  • Minimaly invasive (flapless whenever possible) surgery
  • Faster recovery without bleeding, pain or swelling
  • Prosthesis is planned or even made before the surgery itself
  • Reduces and facilitates the process
  • No additional costs – the service is FREE


We can begin with your treatment at Your first visit to our clinic by scanning your teeth and bone structure and by taking photos. These diagnostic procedures are necessary for precise planning of your future implant position and the creation of 3D surgical guides.
If you need a full arch reconstruction (eg All on 4 or All on 6), we will start immediately with a surgical guide production, to be ready on the day of surgery.


The implant placement process through the 3D surgical guide causes less trauma than a tooth extraction.
If your bone is preserved, it is possible to place the implant flapless. After such a procedure there is no bleeding, pain or swelling, and you can return to your normal activities the same day.
If the bone is insufficient, we need to open the gingiva to graft it. Then the 3D guide helps us to place the implant in its ideal position.



After the period of healing (2-6) months required for osseointegration, the final stage of therapy begins. It implies taking the final impressions and installing your new dental crown, bridge or denture.
At this stage all fine color, shape and bite adaptations are made. The patient gets detailed implant maintenance instructions that are essential for long-term success of the therapy.

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