Complete edentulism is a significant burden for oral health and is associated with a reduction in overall health and quality of life. Prostheses supported by implants offer a number of important advantages compared to conventional dentures. The “All on 4” concept of treatment allows instant supply with a fixed bridge in both jaws, iiimediate function and aesthetics, a significant reduction in costs and time of treatment, with predictable long-term results and patient satisfaction. In traditional implant therapy, a period of approximately 3 months is required from insertion of implants to final prosthesis, while with All on 4 it is feasible within 24 hours. The patient returns to his day-to-day activities the next day.
Complete edentulism is often characterized by bone deficiency. In this case, in traditional implant therapy, transplantation or enlargement of the bone is necessary before or during implant placement. Bone enhancement techniques such as elevation of the sinus floor (sinus lift) in the upper jaw, and vertical enlargement or nerve transplantation in the lower jaw, significantly increase the costs and time of treatment. The alternative is All on 4! All on 4 concepts avoids problematic anatomical structures, and allows the placement of longer implants in the higher quality bone of the front region. It consists of two straight (axial) implants in the front region and two inclined implants in the premolar region. Tilted implants are key components of this concept because they avoid implantation in the lower alveolar nerve region in the lower jaw, while implantation in the maxillary sinus area is avoided in the upper jaw.
All on 5 and All on 6 are versions of the same method with one or two more implants, which are recommended for the weaker bone, especially in the upper jaw. Immediately after insertion of the implant, a temporary bridge is fixed, attached to the implants with screws. If the patient already wears prostheses, they can be adjusted and converted into a temporary bridge. After the period of osseointegration from 3 to 6 months, a definitive work is being done. The success of the method is about 98%.
“No one should die with the teeth in the cup!” – Prof. Branemark (father of modern implantology)

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