The new orthodontic appliance from the UK – The Inman Aligner can now be ordered at the ŠkodaDENT clinic in Rijeka. This revolutionary concept corrects irregularities in the front teeth position in just a few weeks!

So far, front teeth alignment has meant long and expensive orthodontic treatments or restorative prosthetics such as veneers or crowns. Even very thin veneers often require the reduction (grinding) of the natural tooth, due to the correction of its position. With Inman Aligner, that changed.

The average time of therapy is only 4 to 16 weeks, and the appliance corrects irregularities in the front teeth position. If, after alignment, there is still a need for veneers due to color or tooth shape correction, then grinding is very gently or sometimes even unnecessary.

This appliance can only be made by an Inman Aligner certified dental practitioner. In Rijeka, it is Dr. Maja Antoncic Škoda, and ŠkodaDENT is the first clinic where you can order it. The impression of your teeth is sent to the Inman Aligner Certified Laboratory in London where your appliance is made.

Consultation is free, you can book the appointment by calling +385 51 263 766 or click onCONTACT, to find out if this appliance is the best solution for you!

In this video, You can see the results achieved with Inman Aligner in a very short time, and which irregularities can be corrected.

After the Inman Aligner therapy, you will want to further enhance your smile by whitening or correcting minor irregularities by free hand-bonding. ŠkodaDENT offers 50% discount on whitening to users of Inman Aligner, so that your smile really shines!

How does Inman Aligner work?

The Inman Aligner is a removable orthodontic appliance with two transparent springs attached to the incisors. Unlike standard removable devices, the Inman Aligner provides constant gentle pressure on the teeth, leading them to the right position much faster, while making the treatment very safe and gentle.

In addition to its aesthetic advantages, Inman Aligner is easy to use and can be inserted and removed at any time, allowing normal chewing and maintaining oral hygiene. The recommended wearing time of the appliance is 18 hours per day. If you go for lunch or a meeting, you can remove the appliance and continue to wear it later. Once the teeth are aligned, a very discreet retainer is created to ensure that they stay in their new position.

In addition to Inman Aligner in ŠkodaDENT you can find contemporary orthodontic systems:

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