Lingual orthodontics is a fixed orthodontic appliance attached to the back (lingual) surface of the tooth. It is completely invisible and is suitable for anyone who wants to straighten the teeth in a completely discreet way.

Orthodontic appliance mainly for adults

It is commonly believed that orthodontics can only be performed on children and young people, so we often hear from our adult patients that they are “too old for the appliance”. That’s totally incorrect! In fact, teeth often start to shift at an adult age for a number of reasons, such as tooth loss, periodontal disease, inadequate prosthetics… Although there is no upper age limit for orthodontic therapy, many adults feel that they are inadequate. The solution is lingual orthodontics.
Lingual orthodontics allows the therapy to be completely invisible.
Nobody has to know about it, except for the patient and his doctor. The brackets are extremely small and thin only 1.4 mm so the irritation of the tongue is minimal and disappears in the first days of therapy. Special short friction bonds achieve rapid tooth movement, reduced discomfort and shortened time of therapy.

Social 6 – hidden braces

Lingual orthodontics can be integral or segmental. Social 6 is a lingual technique that uses only 6 brackets for the first 6 teeth and is applied in the case of mild irregularities or for treatment of relapse (after a previously completed orthodontic therapy) Short therapy time and affordable price are the reason for the great popularity of Social 6 techniques.
Lingual orthodontics is more demanding than classic due to the inner position of the brackets, and requires greater time consumption during regular monthly controls. ŠkodaDENT (Rijeka) is one of the few offices in Croatia that offer this type of orthodontics. PRICELIST
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In addition to lingual orthodontics in ŠkodaDENT you can find contemporary orthodontic systems:

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